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About Us

We are more than the sum of our parts…

PrediqTank is a consortium of leading AI and software house companies, headquartered in San Diego, USA, and with several offices and R&D labs in Poland.


Each consortium member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to PrediqTank, each representing the best in their specific fields, such as artificial intelligence, data science, data management and software development.

We believe that through the power of partnership and collaboration, we are able to provide better services to our clients, offering them the specific expertise needed for their projects, a larger pool of the best talent, and delivering outstanding results.

The consortium is led and formally represented by PrediqScience LLC, incorporated in the state of California and serving as prime contractor for all client projects. 


Why work with Polish engineers & scientists

Poland - the New Silicon Valley of Europe

In recent years, Poland has grown to become a world-class technology and business services' hub, and Polish engineers are considered some of the best in the world.

Top engineers in global rankings
  • Poland is one of the world leaders in terms of Software Services, Data Science, Machine Learning. According to HackerRank, Polish developers are ranked 1st in the world in terms of Java development, 2nd in terms of algorithms, and are among the top 3 best engineers in general categories in the world.

  • Polish engineers consistently top the charts in international programming and machine learning competitions, including Kaggle competitions - some of the most prestigious ones in the world in machine learning and data science.

First-class education
  • Poland has one of the highest concentrations of students graduating in a STEM field.

  • It ranks 4th overall in terms of the number of STEM graduates in the EU, and 1st in terms of the number of female STEM graduates.

Praised by employers
  • These are some of the reasons why the top tech companies such as Box, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, & many more, are opening multi-billion dollar centers in deep learning (AI) & cloud infrastructure, in Poland.

  • Employers all over the world praise Polish engineers for their great commitment and high qualifications, as well as for their soft skills, as Polish geeks are also excellent team players, easily adaptable, and outstanding problem solvers.

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Why work with us
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PrediqTank Members

Our members are the top-tier AI and software house companies.

Prediqscience LLC
(Managing Partner)
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PrediqTank Founder

As the Founder and CEO of PrediqTank, Dr. Filip Ponulak brings multiple years of experience in the areas of AI, analytics, big data, innovations, product development, and business strategy.

Dr. Ponulak has worked with large corporations, small businesses and startups, and advised such Fortune 500 companies as Qualcomm or Symantec.

He is the holder of 10 US patents and the author of 15 scientific publications. His research in the field of artificial intelligence has yielded over 2,000 citations. He obtained a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Poznan University of Technology in Poland, and consequently obtained advanced studies at Freiburg University in Germany, and Princeton University, USA.

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Filip Ponulak, PhD
  • LinkedIn

Questions or Comments?

We are always happy to get in touch to answer any questions.

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