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Our Process

How we work with our clients

Our teams of AI/ML experts, data scientists, and software developers are here for you to help advance your company's business vision.

We offer fully managed projects, team augmentation & hybrid models.

Contact us to discuss your project & staffing needs.

Fully Managed Projects

Our team takes care of everything you need to develop a successful project, including product ideation, business analysis, implementation & project management.

Team Augumentation

We provide dedicated engineer-ing teams at your disposal, tailored to your desired skills, and flawlessly blending with  your in-house teams.

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Our Process

Tell us about your dream project and let's see how we can help.

Not sure where to begin? No worries, we can help bring your idea to life. 

Step 1

Pre-project Consultation
  • We listen and ask questions to understand your project objectives and your expectations.

  • You ask questions & we answer - anything you would like to know about our approach, expertise, costs, or our process.

Step 3

Project Execution

We split the entire project into multiple milestones. And we use agile development to:

  1. Design & develop each phase

  2. Execute the plan: investigate, analyze, implement

  3. Test & work on quality assurance

  4. Deploy the code

  5. Build the documentation & deliver all deliverables

  6. Await your acceptance of the milestones & deliverables

  7. Conduct the retrospective with you & update the project scope if needed.

Step 2

Project Preparation
  • We work with your team to better understand your existing process.

  • If needed, we conduct several ideation sessions to come up with the best solutions to your problem.

  • We work with you on defining the project scope,

      the functional and nonfunctional requirements,

      acceptance criteria & expected deliverables.

  • We create the project proposal for your approval. 

Step 4

Project Maintenance
  • Even after the execution phase is complete,    we are still here for you to support & maintain your project. 

  • And we are always looking forward to working with you on many more great ideas!

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Questions or Comments?

We are always happy to get in touch to answer any questions.

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