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Mindfulness Mobile App With Audio Streaming Media Services

In just a few years, streaming media services have caused a real revolution worldwide, and they are not limited to video or music. You can also listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or, as in the mindfulness sector, to online sessions that can be streamed for users interested in practicing meditation. The video streaming market is projected to grow from $419.03 billion in 2021 to $932.29 billion in 2028. According to PWC’s report, viewers’ time spent on all types of streaming media increased by 75% in 2020.

LeanCode, a member of the PrediqTank consortium, developed a mobile mindfulness application for iOS and Android that uses audio streaming media services and a subscription-based business model. They took care of the entire product design and mobile app development, including also such elements as the implementation of measures against unauthorized distribution (DRM protected content) and gamification experience.

Project Description & Client Benefits

We were asked to build a mobile application for iOS and Android for one of the clients from Poland that would offer a user-friendly interface and experience, however, while maintaining the shortest possible project implementation time. Our choice for this project was to use as much of an integrated cross-platform approach as possible. The best choice when it comes to technology that makes it possible was Flutter for mobile and .Net Core for the server-side. The web-based admin app was built using ReactJS.

Flutter’s ultimate goal is to replace development for almost all platforms. Its significant benefit is that the code can be written once and run in multiple places, reducing development time and cost. It allowed us to allocate our resources to focus on the most significant challenge: providing the unique ease of experiencing the mindfulness app comparable to the very high market standards (such as Calm or Headspace).

We have delivered a complex IT-system within four months from the start of work, which is an unprecedented speed. Thanks to cooperating with LeanCode on this project, the fully functional system was delivered together with the infrastructure configuration for commercializing their mental health program. The strength of the application is based on the courses offered and the easy consumption of content through audio and video streaming.

Industry: Healthcare

Project category: Mobile App Development

Lead Member: LeanCode



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