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Web-Based Software For Corporate Sales Teams

The B2B information services market is developing along with technology evolution, since it involves such unique features as data processing and scalable computing. The growth and profitability of this market have been driven by a surge in the number of white-collar workers globally and the increasing importance of data and information in decision-making. Following the demand, the tools appear that allow access to a great number of companies, contacts, and insights to boost sales teams' performance.

LeanCode, a member of the PrediqTank consortium, developed web-based software that offers access to up-to-date contacts’ information related to a specific industry, company, and position. The scope of work included product development and ensuring a seamless user experience, but also the analysis of current processes and the proposal of the new approach supported with the web application.

Project Description & Client Benefits

LeanCode built a web app application for IRD Group from Australia from the Information Services Industry. In this case, we approached a challenge to rebuild the product that has already been on the market so that it's based on the latest technology and allows for an upgrade in the form of new features. We also offered guidance based on our experience on other solutions that could be useful from the user's perspective and make the product more valuable.

Our team of Backend and Frontend Developers used .NET and React technology to provide key features, such as a possibility to run complicated searches using the powerful Elasticsearch framework. Thanks to that, the real-time search and filtering was made possible on a database that consisted of millions of records. The new tool also makes it possible for the Sales Representatives to receive notifications about changes to the data of followed contacts, monitor their associates' activity with the use of the tool, and more. During the delivery, we were working in SCRUM methodology, which significantly reduces the project development time.

LeanCode delivered the application and migrated the data from the legacy solution. We also implemented a payment processing solution for subscriptions and billing. The final product is embedding critical business intelligence and sales triggers directly into the user's Customer Relationships Management tool, helping sales and marketing teams find, connect with, and sell to the right buyers.

Industry: Information Services

Project category: Web App Development

Lead Member: LeanCode




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