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AI-Powered Kitchen Assistant

Can AI help make healthier and tastier food choices? Our work has proven that it can, and that AI can redefine the FoodTech industry by bringing new, smart solutions to millions of household kitchens.

Sparkbit, a member of the PrediqTank consortium, works with an Israeli FoodTech startup on developing a new AI-powered cooking appliance that recommends the most tasteful combination of herbs and spices for any given recipe, and finds the best substitutes for any missing ingredients.

Industry: FoodTech

Project Category: AI/ML

Lead Member: Sparkbit

Project Description

The client's solution is a smart handheld kitchen appliance with an accompanying mobile application. The app uses a set of AI algorithms developed by Sparkbit (including natural language processing and classification algorithms) that are trained on hundreds of thousands of recipes, to address two main use cases: (1) given any custom recipe, the appliance will suggest the most tasteful combination of herbs and spices to give the dish a new, delicious dimension; (2) when choosing a recipe from the list included in the app, the appliance evaluates the user’s kitchen supplies and recommends the best substitutes for the missing ingredients.

Soon, these features will be supplemented with a recommendation system providing personalized suggestions tailored to the individual tastes and preferences of each user, taking the personalized culinary experiences to the next level.

Technologies used: Python, sklearn, Gensim (NLP)


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